Stockpicker Truck

Australian Made
Australian Made

Product features

The Stockpicker is a trolley with a step ladder attached that allows reach access for items up to 2200mm high. the spring-loaded ladder with skid-resistant rubber tips secure the trolley when the ladder is in use. When the operator’s weight is removed, the springs return ladder to the up position and the trolley is able to move again. Designed and Manufactured in Australia to strict quality management standards.

  • 700mm clearance between shelves
  • 780 x 550mm Top Shelf
  • 1000 x 550mm Bottom Shelf
  • 1000mm top shelf height
  • 650mm top step height
  • Shelves have 50mm lips that are turned up

Code DescriptionCastor Size (mm)Castor Type Price
7881062 Stockpicker Truck 150  Resilient Rubber  Click here for quick price enquiry