Stainless Steel Straddle Stacker

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This Power Drive & Power Lift Pedestrian Stacker features an innovative design to solve all your stacking and lifting issues in high hygiene areas.


  • Hygienic & Innovative Design: Features a fully open chassis, high frequency charger, programmable controller, memory and fault diagnosis and a waterproof compartment for the power lift and drive system. All electronics are housed in a waterproof
  • High Visibility & Safety: The revolutionary mast offers optimum visibility for safety and efficiency as well as an automatic speed reduction function when turning
  • Minimum Maintenance: Features waterproof seated stainless steel bearings in the load wheels and the mast, these bearings don't require lubrication due to their composition of stainless steel and polymer plastic. The use of lifting cables instead of c
  • Easy Accessibility: Quick open hood for access to all electronic components.
  • Double Traction System: The double traction system improves stability and traction ensuring that one traction wheel is always in contact with the floor.


Model Description Width (mm)Load Capacity (kg)Max Lift Height(mm)Overall Length(mm) QTY
51491001 Stainless Steel Straddle Stacker 1535 1200 1200 2020
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