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About our Electric Powered Pallet Jacks and Trucks

Sitecraft offers a comprehensive range of quality motorised pallet trucks and electric pallet jacks to choose from. We are able to meet the individual needs of most businesses in Australia by supplying a broad selection of  pallet lifters and movers. this includes a variety of sizes and configurations that cater for the manual handling requirements of almost any industry, including manufacturing, logistics, mining, defence and retail operations. Our latest innovations are the Logimove 1200 and the Logimove 1500 lithium ion, fully electric pallet jack. These provide an all new user experience with its compact design and advanced electronics. The innovative lithium ion battery system maximisers efficiency and minimizes downtime. Talk to one of our industry experts about the all new Logimove 1200.

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Pallet Jack and Pallet Truck Safety

Trolley jacks are one of the most commonly used materials handling devices. They save on manual labour but they are often misused. Ignoring the supplier’s safe operating instructions, can cause the type of manual handling injuries they are designed to help workplaces avoid.

At risk are the operator, those working nearby and even customers and passers-by. Unsafe trolley jack use may also introduce new hazards into the workplace eg collisions with people or obstacles in the workplace and falls of heavy loads. Risk to operators include feet being crushed under the forks or wheels, hands jammed between steering controls and workplace structures and a range of musculoskeletal injuries if a trolley jack rolls out of control down a slope or its wheels slip over unguarded ramps edges.

Manual and Powered Pallet Jacks, Pallet Trucks

Also known as “pump trucks”, these are available in manual or battery-powered models to lift and move palleted loads efficiently. The motorised pallet trucks include walking types and those with a ride-on position. Many injuries are associated with manual pallet jacks because they require heavy force to move by pushing or pulling when fully loaded. The all new Logimove 1200 features a lithium ion battery system, for enhanced operating capabilities.

The majority of operators pull pallet trucks backwards thinking it is easier to manoeuvre around obstacles. Ergonomists recommend manual trolley jacks be “pushed”. Pushing puts less strain on the body and prevents typical “pulling” injuries from bending the lower back, twisting the upper torso to see what’s ahead and from catching feet under the jack. Pushing keeps the body upright and uses the power of leg muscles.

Important to preventing injuries is proper training in what the jack can safely carry and controlling the trolley jack to avoid collisions or tip overs. Each model may be different and require different levels of operator training. If the type of pallet jack to be used is powered it is recommended that operators have a forklift licence or be trained to a reasonable level of competency. Forklifts and electric powered stackers do similar work and the risk of injury to the operator and to others in the workplace is also similar.

Training includes safe operation, pre-use inspection, operational safety procedures and safe operations around loading docks and when travelling through the workplace. Training should also include instructions on safe and secure loading to avoid damaging the jack and loads and on how to unload in a way to avoid manual handling injuries. The basics are to make sure the load is stable on the pallet. Forks should be under the centre of the load and the pallet touch the backstop. If the load consists of different items, heavy items should be on the bottom layer to help keep the stack stable.

Like any workplace equipment, trolley jacks and trucks requires a pre-use inspection. Check for operating controls, moving parts and warning devices, and look for fluid leaks and the general condition of wheels, tyres and forks. Any defect should be reported and the jack tagged as “Out of Service”.

Keeping to the working zones and following a planned travel path is essential for avoiding collisions with structure and people. The recommendation for safe movement is walking pace on paths that are clear of obstacles, clean and slip-free, with minimal incline and few intersections and blind corners. Operators need a clear view of the path so that they can see other mobile equipment, such as forklifts, and workers on foot. A spotter is suggested if the load obscures the operator’s vision in a busy workplace.

Safety first rules are pedestrians have right of way, sound the horn near any intersections, slow down or stop and reposition on corners to avoid the load shifting and stop and lower the forks and re-stack if a load becomes unstable. Brakes should be applied and wheels chocked when unloading or loading heavy loads at a loading dock. A major risk for operating pallet trucks is travelling on slopes and in tight spots. The advice is to travel with the load first and keep the jack straight. Loads should always be pushed into tight spaces eg goods elevators, to prevent the operator being trapped between walls and the load or jack handle.

These products are classified as plant and their use is subject to OHS law. Employers must ensure workers are given instruction and training so that they are able to use the equipment safely. Employers must also ensure risks of using the plant are identified and measures put in place to control those risks.

Heavy Duty General Purpose Truck

Our heavy duty general purpose  truck is built to withstand the rigours of everyday commercial use, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. With a 2500kg load capacity, it’s an outstanding performer in the industry. It also features polyurethane wheels, offering even greater floor protection and noise reduction.

Logimove Pallet Jacks

If you want to help prevent injuries and ensure workers are never strained, battery/electric powered equipment, provides an ideal solution. Choose between standard sized or compact and heavy duty models, designed for use in tight applications. The new compact powered model incorporates power drive and power lift, enabling effortless movement of heavy pallets in an exceptionally compact package. This helps provide unrivalled manoeuvrability in the tightest of working environments. A powerful 24 volt, 300 watt DC electric motor also ensures superior performance.

For larger workplaces and warehouses where palletized goods need to be transported long distances, the Logistic ride-on electric towing tug is an outstanding performer. The weight capacity of our ride-on models is up to 2000 kg.

High Capacity Models

The high capacity model is available in 2500 kg and 5000 kg capacities. These are used for moving very heavy loads and items such as safes and vats. Our high capacity models also allow for the movement of two heavy pallets together.

Galvanised and Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks

Anti-corrosive, stainless steel  trucks are ideal for workplace environments that require the transportation and storage of chemicals, pharmaceuticals or food products. These pallet handling decices are easy to keep clean and won’t be affected by chemicals or other corrosive materials. Galvanised pallet trucks and jacks also feature anti-corrosion properties and are perfect for use in supermarket freezers and other cold and damp storage rooms.

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