BWB Tipping Crane Bins

Product features

Code: 3001011

The BWB Tipping Crane Bin can offer a faster easier way of tipping when compared to a conventional crane bin.   This is due to an overhead frame that hinges from the top centre of the bin,  standing vertical for simple lifting and moving of the bin, and then when tipping is required the frame swings down and automatically locks down so for the tipping function.   The crane operator then simply lifts again, upending the bin.  This saves time as the operator hasn’t had to reposition the chain hooks at all.  BWB Tipping Crane Bins are finished with an enamel paint.

Code DescriptionExternal Dimensions(mm)Safe Working Load(Kg) Price
3001011 BWB Tipping Crane Bin 1.5cu/m 1800L x 1500W x 855H  3000  Click here for quick price enquiry
3001012 BWB Tipping Crane Bin 3.0cu/m 2400L x 1500W x 905H  5000  Click here for quick price enquiry
3001013 BWB Tipping Crane Bin 5.0cu/m 3000L x 2400W x 960H  14000  Click here for quick price enquiry