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Drum Girdle Type Lift and Tip

Code: 4361024
This range of lift and tip machines has been proved over 30 years and with its compact design, suits tight working areas and mezzanine floors or situations where lighter framed operators are involved with the drum handling process. A heavy duty steel girdle is employed with a quick acting over centre clamp to secure the drum. A foot operated hydraulic pump is used for lifting and a heavy duty gearbox facilitates 320 degrees of controlled tipping of the drum. The standard machine is designed to handle a 205 litre steel drum with two equally spaced chimes over its length. Available in three lift heights and can be modified to handle a variety of drums or appliances and can be fitted with an optional compressed air component for effortless lifting.
CodeDescriptionWidth (mm)Height(mm)Length (mm)Lift Height(mm)Price
4361024Drum Girdle Type Lift and Tip - 1900mm Lift Height830 1180 1300 1900 Click here for quick price enquiry
4361025Drum Girdle Type Lift and Tip - 2100mm Lift Height830 1180 1500 2100 Click here for quick price enquiry
4361026Drum Girdle Type Lift and Tip - 2700mm Lift Height1120 1430 1650 2700 Click here for quick price enquiry