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WFL Forklift Tipping Bins

Code: 3001480
The tipping action of a WFL Tipping Bin is operated by a release mechanism that is activated by the forklift operator pulling a pull cord from the driver's seat.  A shock absorber prevents impact forces being transmitted to the forklift during emptying.  WFL bins are manufactured from 3mm plate and features reinforced edging, crane lifting and upending lugs, a removable drain plug and a galvanised finish.  An optional wheel kit is available and an optional lid.
CodeDescriptionExternal Dimensions(mm)Fork Pocket Centre(mm)Net Weight (kg)Price
3001480WFL Forklift Tipping Bin 0.35cu/m1807L x 740W x 555H (excl. lugs) 310 140 Click here for quick price enquiry
3001481WFL Forklift Tipping Bin 0.59cu/m1807L x 1150W x 555H (excl. lugs) 695 165 Click here for quick price enquiry
3001482WFL Forklift Tipping Bin 0.68cu/m1807L x 740W x 905H (excl. lugs) 310 180 Click here for quick price enquiry
3001483WFL Forklift Tipping Bin 1.1cu/m1807L x 1150W x 905H (excl. lugs) 695 215 Click here for quick price enquiry
3001484WFL Forklift Tipping Bin 2.1cu/m1807L x 1986W x 905H (excl. lugs) 695 275 Click here for quick price enquiry