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Single Scissor Lift Table

The Single Scissor Lift Tables are our most widely used industrial lifting platforms. These high quality scissor lift tables are driven by an electric motor mounted under the table, which is controlled by a pendant hand controller on a curly cable. The table utilizes a safety bar around the perimeter to sense any foreign objects in which case it will stop the movement instantly. These tables are normally operated from the factory floor but can be installed in a pit (require eye bolt lifting lugs). There are a range of standard models with varying capacities, lifting heights, table sizes etc. but they can be fully customised to user specifications. Lifting capacities of up to 8000kg are available. Speak to our experienced sales team for more information
Code DescriptionLoad Capacity (kg)Max Platform Height(mm)Min Platform Height(mm)Platform Size (mm) Price
1941010 Single Scissor Lift Table - 1T 1000Kg  1000  180  1200 x 1200  Click here for quick price enquiry
1941005 Single Scissor Lift Table- 1T 1000Kg  1330  230  2000 x 1000  Click here for quick price enquiry
1941012 Single Scissor Lift Table - 2T 2000Kg  1050  230  1350 x 1200  Click here for quick price enquiry
1941139 Single Scissor Lift Table - 4T 4000Kg  1120  300  1350 x 1200  Click here for quick price enquiry