Freight Hoist – To Customer Specifications


Code: 7321565

* Low Profile-No Pit required. The Freight Hoist is designed
with a floor height typically less than 40 mm. This greatly simplifies
installation as the hoist can simply be bolted to the floor without any need
for a costly pit excavation. Pit maintenance is eliminated. This low profile
requires a ramp that is only ~ 25 cm length and is supplied as part of the

* Unique customer friendly controls – Automatic Raise/Lower
and open door function. Soft touch illuminated lift buttons at each level on a
stainless steel faceplate.

* STS control interface provides diagnostic capability and
the ability to customise function.

* Australian designed and made to provide exact
customisation to the dimensions and requirements.

* On Board hydraulic power unit standard for most models
unless high cycle use required.

* Regular service can be performed from within the booth.

* Electrical:  415V,
20A, 5 Core 3 Phase + Neutral (5 Pin switched outlet is required). This Freight
Hoist incorporates a V.F. Drive. All V.F. Drives trickle some current to earth
and may cause nuisance tripping of the buildings earth leakage protection. We
recommend you install an earth leakage device specifically intended for use
with V.F Drives. (Merlin Gerin S1 series or similar)

* Weatherproof for external application. This option
includes sheeted skillion roof with fall, gutter and downpipe pop. Downpipe to
be supplied and routed by customer. Customer to nominate direction of fall.
Colorbond flashing to all corners and ends of all sheeting. Remote IP56
switchgear enclosure.

* Control System (External). Automatic Raise/Lower and open
door function. Illuminated telemacanique buttons at each level on a stainless
steel face plate.                                                           

* Door Controls (attended)         Momentary
press for raise, lower and open door. Constant pressure for close door.

* Attended Hoist – Include controls in car, Battery backed
control & Emergency Egress, Auto-Dial phone on platform, Alarm, Emergency
Lighting and Light curtains on both doors.

* Warranty: 12 months (see terms) and 36 Months structural

* Lead time: 10-15 weeks from receipt of order (subject to
workshop loading at time of order)

* Installation: Installation costs are NOT included and can
range from approximately $6000 – $15000 and would be subject to a Site