Tracker Platform Ladder

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With a Tilt and Steer Control and two large wheels, Tracker is easily moved over most surfaces, and automatically returns to the stationary mode when the control is released. With the Tilt and Steer control actuated, the operator is positioned to allow a normal walking step, and the unit is moved quickly with minimal effort.A large platform provides ample working area and fitting of the optional shelf places tools or a clip board at the ideal working height.Two sets of platform safety rails are supplied. Low rails for applications where greater side access is needed and the situation is safe, for example when working to the face of a structure or machine. High rails are provided for working overhead andin open space. Where required, one of each rail may be fitted. Tracker is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of Australian / New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1892.1:1996.


  • Two wheel system - enables operation on most surfaces
  • Tilt and steer control - delivers fast relocation with minimum operator effort
  • Large stable platform - provides comfortable work space unaffected by operator movement
  • Industrial Standard - complies with regulatory authority requirements


Model Description Base Length(mm)Base Width(mm)Platform Height (mm)Platform Length(mm) QTY
2681063 Tracker Platform Ladder 2110 1080 2865 720
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2681064 Tracker Platform Ladder 2240 1120 3155 720
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2681065 Tracker Platform Ladder 2370 1160 3440 720
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2681066 Tracker Platform Ladder 2500 1200 3725 720
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2681067 Tracker Platform Ladder 2630 1240 4015 720
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2681068 Tracker Platform Ladder 1205 800 860 720
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2681069 Tracker Platform Ladder 1335 840 1145 720
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2681070 Tracker Platform Ladder 1465 880 1435 720
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2681071 Tracker Platform Ladder 1595 920 1720 720
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2681072 Tracker Platform Ladder 1725 960 2005 720
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2681073 Tracker Platform Ladder 1855 1000 2295 720
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2681074 Tracker Platform Ladder 1980 1040 2580 720
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