Single Air Skid 900mm

Product features

Code: 49641012

Airfloat Air Bearing Skids
(or “air castors”) are a versatile pneumatic/air support device. These allow
the safe, near frictionless movement of heavy loads and large equipment.
Underneath the strong load support
platform is a durable and flexible urethane diaphragm
that is inflated using compressed air. This air inflates the diaphragm, passing
through the many small holes, which enables the load to float on a thin film of

The 900 mm single air skid
has a maximum capacity of 14,205 kg. These may be purchased individually or in
a set of 4 units giving a huge load capacity of 56,820 kg.

  • Flexible - designed to handle a wide range of weights and machinery/equipment
  • Simple - Low maintenance, easy to operate and very reliable
  • Omnidirectional - Move with ease in any direction and operates in normally confined spaces
  • Configurable - Can be placed in various configurations or fixed under existing equipment or products for safe and easy movement
  • Virtually friction free - move 450 kg with only 450 grams of force