Film And Reel Lifters

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The logistec Reel Lifter has been developed following extensive market research into the lifting and handling paper and film reels in today’s modern production environment. It is flexible in design, ergonomic, operator friendly and easy to use. Primarily manufactured from stainless steel but can also offered in mild steel for non cleanroom environments. Powered by a 12V DC battery operated system with the carriage lift being generated from a motor driven precision ball screw eliminating the need to use any hydraulics and consequent risk of oil leaks. Considering operator safety at all times the logistec lifter has been designed to meet the latest international health and safety directives. Logistec’s full range of attachments are fully interchangeable and can be easily fitted or removed from any model with the unique quick release system. This quick release system enables one logistec lifter to be used with multiple attachments providing an economical solution to a range of applications. Reel lifting and Reel handling applications which are non-standard can be catered for with custom solutions designed specifically for your work environment.

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78812281 Electric Lifter With Manual Internal Clamp and Rotate Click here for quick price enquiry
78812282 Electric Lifter With Manual External Clamp and Rotate Click here for quick price enquiry