Manual Scissor Lift Trolleys

Not every business needs an electric or motorised scissor lift trolley. In fact, many companies find our range of manual scissor lift trolleys more than sufficient. Anyone who works in a position that requires a lot of manual handling and heavy material lifting understands the importance of performing such tasks safely to avoid serious injury. But even the most experienced, well trained person can make a mistake once in a while, which is why having tools to make your job easier – and safer – is so important. A lifting trolley is one such tool that can greatly take some of the pressure off someone in a heavy lifting role. It enables them to lift and transport heavy items without putting unnecessary strain on the back or causing other forms of injury. If you need a lift trolley or table for your workplace, discover the range currently available for purchase from Sitecraft today.

Manual Scissor Lift Trolley & Hydraulic Lifting Trolley

Sitecraft stocks a wide range of scissor trolley table products to suit a variety of material lifting needs. Whatever your requirements may be, we’re sure to have a lifting trolley that’s ideal for your specific requirements. Choose from scissor lift trolleys, scissor lift tables, stainless steel scissor lifts, mini scissor lifts and much more. Our range also includes options that are suitable for hospitals, clean rooms, food processing units, pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing units, and more.

Stainless Steel Mobile Scissor Lift Table

Our stainless steel mobile scissor lift table is ideal for sterile environments, including hospitals, pharmaceutical industries and other workplaces that are involved in food preparation. Choose from load capacities of either 100 or 200kg, with respective maximum platform heights of 755 and 910mm. Our mobile scissor lifts also have minimum platform heights of 265 and 330mm respectively.

Logistec Hydraulic Scissor Lift Trolleys

The Logistec hydraulic lift trolley comes with foot-operated hydraulic operation and a positive braking system on the rear wheels. These features make it a very convenient and safe material handling device for manufacturing units. This hydraulic lifting trolley table also features sealed bearing wheels for added durability and cleanliness, making it suitable for hospitals, libraries and loading docks.

Need a Lifting Trolley? Get a Quote Today

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty manual lifting trolley, folding trolleys, or one of our many other safe lifting products, please contact the friendly team at Sitecraft. Call today on ☎1300 363 152 to learn more about our manual and hydraulic trolley range. You’ll find everything from scissor lifting trolleys and tables through to Safebin trolleys, mobile work positioners, mini scissor lifts and more.

We can provide you with tailored advice and information to fulfil the needs of your workplace, as well as a customised quote for our hydraulic lift trolley and scissor table lifting solutions. Give us a call now on 1300 363 152 – we’re more than happy to provide assistance. Alternatively, you can also get in touch by filling out our online contact form.