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Welcome to Sitecraft’s lifting equipment home page. Please feel free to view our extensive range of pallet lifting equipment and pallet handling devices. To provide a quick overview of our pallet lifting devices, we supply an extensive range of safety and materials equipment including;

Pallet lifters, pallet inverters, pallet turntables, lift trucks, electric pallet trucks, trolley jacks, and spring, self- levelling devices.

We provide custom and engineered solutions Australia wide with a design and manufacturing facility in Melbourne. We also have sales offices in Sydney and Brisbane, to help satisfy your organization’s complete pallet handling needs.

Pallet handling equipment and  lifting equipment is used extensively in a wide range of industries. And, if you’re like most warehouses or factories, you’re always searching for the most efficient methods and processes to produce maximum results, all while maintaining strict workplace safety standards. When it comes to increasing the efficiency and safety of your warehouse and manufacturing operations, let Sitecraft assist with our quality range of pallet handling  equipment. Developed and manufactured with operator safety in mind, we offer an extensive selection of standard and custom products for sale to meet the specific pallet lifting requirements of a range of workplaces and industries.

Safe Lifting and Manual Handling

If safety regulators were asked for one piece of advice about manual handling risk in workplaces and warehouses, they would probably all say, ‘avoid lifting’. Of course, in reality we know that’s not entirely possible. With the right pallet lifting equipment and devices, we can eliminate most of risks associated with heavy lifting.

The target for reducing this common cause of injury even has its own ergonomic catch phrase – Large, Bulky or Awkward Items (LBAIs) – which makes the point that risk from lifting is not just about “heavy” objects (weighing more than 25 kg).

And if safety regulators were asked for a solution for reducing manual handling risk they would probably all mention “mechanical lifters”. Pallet handling equipment, like any other form of materials handling equipment, is constantly undergoing technical improvements. These advancements in technology are providing more effective and safer options for handling a wide range of materials. The comprehensive selection of pallet moving equipment, pallet jacks, stackers, lifters and even pallet trucks continues to expand, so that there are options to suit many types of workplaces, layouts and processes.

Our range of Walkie Stackers have the ability to further improve the safe handling and lifting of pallets in Australian workplaces. Walkie stackers, lifting trolleys, scissor lifts all feature height adjustability  which allow loads to be moved when closer to the ground. This has the benefit of improving safety through lowering the centre of gravity and thus maximising stability. Devices that allow height adjust-ability also allow goods to be raised and lowered to allow optimum ergonomic work heights for operators.

The National Code of Practice for Hazardous Tasks 2016 adopted by most state safety regulators refers to the task of stacking goods onto a pallet as one of the common tasks that puts workers at risk. The document goes on to suggest a pallet jack, lift tables and lift trolleys as examples of mechanical solutions. The Palift is a spring loaded  positioner designed to eliminate the bending required when loading or unloading palletised products.

WorkSafe Victoria’s long servicing Code of Practice for Manual Handling from 1999   gives practical guidance on how to comply with the OH&S (Manual Handling) Regulations 1999. This important Code of Practice is still widely used for its occupational health and safety and ergonomic advice. It notes that manual handling includes pushing, holding, lifting carrying and throwing. As most workers are exposed to some of these activities when carrying out their work duties, they are often at risk from sustaining some kind of injury. The code also notes, about one quarter of all work injuries involve manual handling activities.

The Victorian regulator has more specific advice in its popular Guide to Handling, Large Bulky or Awkward Items 2012.  This guide  indicates the preference is to eliminate potential workplace risks through use of powered mechanical aids such as forklifts, walkie stackers and electric pallet movers. Where it is not possible or practical to utilise mechanical aids, other devices such as trolleys or hand pallet jacks should be used. It is also important to carefully select the most appropriate and fit for purpose equipment to allow workers to safely perform their duties. Management should also ensure the necessary operator training and supervision is undertaken. Hydraulic scissor lift tables are widely used for heavy and repetitive lifting tasks, particularly in manufacturing and packaging operations.

Lifting is the first among the main manual handling hazards in the workplace followed by pushing, pulling, holding, throwing and carrying. The risk is more hazardous if the task is repetitive and done over long periods of time. Lifting pallets manually, by hand, is a recipe for disaster. This type of work can result in a risk of a “musculoskeletal” injury. These include a bad back, overuse syndrome, strains to upper body, sprains and strains to legs, abdominal tears (hernias) and chronic pain. These injuries are now known collectively as “body stressing”.

Safety regulators provide specific advice on manual handling solutions because of the sheer number of lifting and other related injuries clogging the workers compensation system. This makes unsafe manual handling the biggest problem in Australia’s workplaces.

Every year regulators repeat the message that injuries could be prevented by adopting appropriate materials handling equipment to reduce the risk or even eliminate it completely. In an earlier era, Australian regulators insisted employers manage the risk by identifying any unsafe manual handling in all tasks, assess the risk and determine an appropriate solution. This process was often onerous and difficult to do without knowledge of ergonomics. Today workplaces are encouraged to find solutions because the risks are now well known and the solutions more readily available.

Workplaces must take this seriously. Safety inspectors in every state always target materials handling risk, especially lifting, when they visit a workplace.

Under the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, employers must have a “safe system of work” in place to prevent any risk to their workers. That includes manual handling risk. Our pallet handling equipment and pallet lifting equipment can assist in this.

Safety law specifically relating to manual handling risk in Victoria is found in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007 under part 3.1 of the Physical hazards chapter. This part states that employers must identify any task that involves “hazardous manual handling”. If that task poses a risk, they must put a control measure in place that is feasible for that workplace. The OHS Act comes back into play here by dictating that the cost of the control measure is not the dominant factor ie, the price of mechanical aids such as a motorised/electric and powered equipment.

The national model work safety Acts operating in other states set similar duties for operators of workplaces. Manual handling is specifically dealt with in the various national model regulations. For example, in the biggest state, NSW, manual handling is regulated under the Work Safety and Health Regulation 2011, the local version of the model regulations. The NSW “Hazardous manual tasks” requirement is in part 4.3 of the hazardous work chapter. This part simply states that the risk must be “managed”. When determining control measures, certain physical factors of tasks and the working environment must be considered which helps determine the right solution.

Pallet Handling & Lifting Equipment

Pallet Trucks and Pallet Jacks

Our large range of motorised and manually operated pallet jacks for sale, feature equipment that is designed to efficiently move a wide range of loads. We have options to suit almost any requirement in almost any workplace, warehouse and factory. For extra heavy weights, look at our high-capacity pallet truck /pallet jack models, which can move loads up to 5000 kg. For narrow skids and totes, our narrow width trucks are ideal, featuring a jack with an overall tyne width of just 450 mm. They are also available in powered, electric and motorised variants for ease and safety when moving heavy loads.

Spring Pallet Lifters and Turntables

The popular spring loaded pallet lift table is a spring operated self-levelling pallet lifting device that raises and lowers loads automatically, depending on the weight of the goods or product being loaded or unloaded. This allows product to be positioned at the most ergonomically and comfortable work positions for operators.

Pallet Inverters

Pallet inverters are ideal for rotating boxed, bagged or canned goods. These are widely used for switching outgoing loads to shipping or expendable pallets. They can be also used to transfer from wood to plastic or other hygiene pallets.  Sitecraft’s  pallet inverter can be loaded by forklift truck or at ground level with a hand pallet truck.

Quikstak & Walkie Stackers

The versatile Quikstak smart stackers are are specifically designed to minimise the risk of repetitive strain and back injury whilst also improving productivity. Fitted with an infra-red height sensor, the Quikstak detects the height of the load. The fork height is then automatically raised and lowered to suit operator working height. These are widely used in food manufacturing and processing, packaging lines and assembly areas.

Pallet Scissor Lift Tables

Sitecraft is a specialist supplier of hydraulic scissor lift tables. These are widely used in heavy industries, chemical plants, manufacturing and in many other applications requiring the elevating of heavy and awkward loads. Our range includes stainless steel scissor lift tables for use in hygiene critical areas and in corrosive environments. Our popular low profile scissor lift tables allow goods to be loaded and unloaded with a pallet jack.

Pallet Turntables

Pallet turntables are used to easily rotate palletised products for easy loading and unloading. At Sitecraft, we really do satisfy your total pallet handling equipment and pallet lifting needs.

Pallet Trucks, Skid Lifters & High Lift Pallet Trucks

Lift up to 1000kg with our range of ergonomically designed high lift trucks, pallet trucks, skid tilters and skid lifters. These machines are designed to take the heavy out of heavy lifting, ensuring the task is completed safely and efficiently. They are available in both manual and battery/electric operation.

In addition to these innovative warehousing solutions, we also offer custom designed and manufactured handling equipment that can make your warehouse and manufacturing operations safer and more productive. Sitecraft provides a comprehensive Australia wide service.

With offices and warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane we offer a quick and agile design and construct service. For more information, contact our sales team on 1300 363 152.