Movexx Electric Pedestrian Tow Tugs

Movexx electric pedestrian tow tugs are versatile and compact, very user- friendly, electro tugs that easily move difficult and heavy loads without the dangers of physical strain. Movexx is a world leader in the design and supply of battery/electric powered materials handling equipment. The majority of Movexx tugs make use of powerful and sustainable lithium batteries which are more environmentally friendly and safer technology.

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T1000-Trolley Pusher
T1000 Cleanroom
T1000 Plt-RVS
T1500-Clean Room
Movexx AGV1000-Basic
Movexx T1000 Electric Tow Tug


Compact and powerful

The T1000 was the first ever electric tug developed by Movexx. It is the perfect companion to assist you and increase your efficiency. The compact electric tug pulls carts and trolleys with a weight to 1000 kg with ease.

This machine also makes use of our unique exchangeable battery system, which enables you to exchange the empty battery for a fully charged one effortlessly.

MovexxT1000 Tiller Head

The tiller head

The ergonomically shaped tiller head provides the ultimate experience when it comes to controlling and it is adjustablein height.

Interchangeable battery

The green “box” is the electric tug’s battery. It is lightweight and easy to exchange. It can also be ‘upgraded’ to a Lithium LiFePO4 battery if requested.
The LiFePO4 battery has a superior lifespan and can be safely recharged at any point in time, offering you increased flexibility wherever you are.

Drive wheels

The full rubber drive wheels ensure maximum grip.
The option to fit other types of drive wheels is available.

Backed with factory
Support warranty

Sitecraft is the exclusive authorised Movexx reseller in Australia. 
When you purchase a Movexx Tow Tug from Sitecraft Australia
you have the peace of mind knowing it is fully backed with a factory supported warranty.

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MovexxT1000 Tiller Head

The tiller head

The ergonomically shaped tiller head provides the ultimate experience when it comes to controlling. With the T1000-Basic, the tiller head is not adjustable.

The adapter

Merged between the tug and the trolley is the hook, which can be adjusted in height to fit your precise measurements and comfort. In addition to our standard hooks, we also provide customized hooks for specific solutions.

Electric motor

The motor is a powerful 24V DC, 300 W. electric motor. It is equipped with a differential, which enables the electric tug to rotate around its own axis. This way the tug can also be used in small spaces.

Movexx T1000-Basic Electric Tow Tug

T-1000 Basic

Dedicated simplicity

The T1000-Basic is a basic version of the Movexx T1000. It has a built-in AGM battery, which can be charged using its internal charging system.

The T1000-Basic features our unique exchangeable and fully customizable hook system. So whatever cart you have, we have a hook that fits!

Tackled Material Handling Challenges

Materials handling can present many challenges, particularly when heavy loads need moving around the workplace. Moving heavy industrial carts, stock trolleys, hospital beds and shopping trolleys is a time consuming, difficult and often fraught with danger. Sitecraft Australia’s Movexx electric tug models translates this challenge into a creative solution utilising smart equipment designed to increase productivity and OH&S in the workplace.

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