Type I Nonmetallic Safety Cans


Code: 6201113

Type I Nonmetallic Safety Cans are constructed of high density polyethylene which offers distinct advantages over steel models. They are inert so they stand up to tough acids and corrosives, as well as heat. Poly cans are dent, puncture and chip resistant – and their colour is integral to the can. Available options allow you to make the most of storage space and accommodate highly corrosive or high purity liquids. These nonmetallic safety cans are designed and manufactured with a unique patented, conductive, current carrying carbon insert imbedded into the rib of the container, completing a ground path between cover assembly and the flame arrester in the spout. When used with a grounding strip prevents the creation of an arc during filling or pouring. All the nonmetallic Type I cans are FM approved. The self close cap, pressure relief mechanism and dual density flame arrester work together to prevent ignition sources from entering without restricting liquid flow in or out of the can.Choose economical plated steel hardware or stainless steel for greater chemical resistance.