WFH Forklift Tipping Bins

Product features

Code: 3001462

The WFH self dumping bins has been designed to provide an economical solution to collecting and disposing of industrial waste and other uses.  The WFH tipping bins can self dump in the following manner.  When transporting the bin to the discharge point the forklift tines are positioned fully under the bin.  To empty the bin the operator catches the bin on the edge of the receiving bulk container and reverses the forklift.  When the tines clear the pivot point of the bin raising the forks will permit the bin to tip giving complete discharge of the contents. Manufactured from 3mm plate and features reinforced edging, crane lifting and upending lugs, a removable drain plug and a galvanised finish.  An optional wheel kit is available.

  • Safe Working Load (kg): 1500
  • Fork Pocket Size (mm): 185 x 70
  • Fork Pocket Centres: See table below
Code DescriptionExternal Dimensions(mm)Fork Pocket Centre(mm)Net Weight (kg) Price
3001462 WFH Forklift Tipping Bin 0.35cu/m 1510L x 740W x 630H  310  130  Click here for quick price enquiry
3001466 WFH Forklift Tipping Bin 0.59cu/m 1510L x 1150W x 630H  695  155  Click here for quick price enquiry
3001477 WFH Forklift Tipping Bin 0.68cu/m 1715L x 740W x 980H  310  165  Click here for quick price enquiry
3001478 WFH Forklift Tipping Bin 1.1cu/m 1715L x 1150W x 980H  695  200  Click here for quick price enquiry
3001479 WFH Forklift Tipping Bin 2.1cu/m 1715L x 1986W x 980H  695  260  Click here for quick price enquiry