120L Mobile Spill Kit- General Purpose

Product features

Code: 5201092

General Purpose and Oil & Fuel Kits come with Peat Absorbent, and Chemical Kits have a Premium Absorbent suitable for absorption of Acids and Caustics.
These Kits are designed to absorb at least 120L of liquid using the highest quality absorbent. Spill Kit contains: 

  • 1x 120L Wheeled Bin
  • 50x Absorbent Pads
  • 2x Absorbent Cushions
  • 1x Bag Granular Absorbent
  • 1x pair Red PVC Gloves
  • 4x Contaminated Waste Disposal Bags
  • 6x Absorbent Socks
  • 1x Brush and Shovel set
  • 1x Plastic Security Tag