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Logistec Single Mast Powered Stackers

These Logistec Powered Stackers are a powered lift and drive pallet mover with a very compact design. This plus a minimal turning circle makes them an ideal choice for compact areas. Combined with the single mast design and offset operator position, they have excellent operator view. The built in charger eliminates bulky and unnecessary stand alone units adding the versatility to charge from any standard power outlet via the retractable charging cord. Ergonomic handle mounted up/down switches, forward / reverse controller system, emergency stop button and warning horn for efficient operation and user safety. The low battery voltage protection system extends the maintenance free battery working hours and serviceable life.
CodeDescriptionWidth (mm)Fork Length(mm)Fork width(mm)Lift Height(mm)Load Capacity (kg)Load Centre Distance (mm)Mast Height(mm)Overall Length(mm)Price
3381108Logistec Straddle Stacker - 1520mm Lift Height1135-1435 1070 200-765 Overall 1520 1200 600 1940 1570 Click here for quick price enquiry
3381047Logistec Non-Straddle Stacker - 1520mm Lift Height800 1150 560 Overall 1520 1000 600 1940 1615 Click here for quick price enquiry