7-Step Lift-Truk Ladder

Product features

Code: 2681044

With the Navigator WT, the dangerous practice of carrying large or heavy items up or down a ladder is eliminated. Loads of up to 50 kilograms can easily be handled by use of the automatic load brake lifting table. Embracing all the safety features of the Navigator together with vertical lifting capability, the Navigator WT provides a most cost effective answer for the handling of items in low to moderate volumes. In the picking process, items may be selected, lowered and transported in one seamless action, eliminating the need for separate ladders and trolleys and greatly improving productivity. The design of Navigator WT allows the lift table to be be set at any height completely independent of the operator.

  • Eliminates the dangerous practice of carrying items up or down a ladder
  • Enables picking, shelf stocking and transporting of loads up to 50 kilograms
  • Improves productivity through more efficient item handling
  • Places the operator at the correct height to inspect the inventory