3-Step Tracker Step-Thru Ladder

Product features

Code: 2681056

Tracker Step-Thru is a safe, relocatable passageway to elevated work areas.  The design utilises a ladder with a small top platform that can be a positioned directly against an elevated work area.  There is no railing at the rear of the platform, so the user can step thru and off the platform, on to the landing of the elevated area.   When considering use of the Tracker Step-Thru, it is necessary to consider its 250mm protruding wheel sections which must be able to pass under the landing of the elevated work area.  If this is an issue, our Access Platform product does not require this.  The Tracker Step-Thru can be moved over a wide range of ground surfaces, including surfaces that are less than perfect.  Its two large diameter wheels are positioned at the rear end of the ladder and at the other end are two rubber footed legs.  To move the ladder, an operator simply lifts the rubber footed end with the hand levers provided, and then propels the ladder along.

  • Capacity(kg): 150
  • Platform Dimensions(mm): 
  • Cantilevered wheel system - allows direct contact of platform to workplace