Stainless Steel Drawer Trolley

Whether you work in a kitchen, a medical facility, or in the hospitality industry, efficient and hygienic transport of goods is crucial. Fortunately, stainless steel products combine durability with easy cleaning, making them ideal for these workplaces. When you require efficient transportation of bulky items or foods, Sitecraft’s stainless steel kitchen trolley, along with other options, offers a sturdy and secure solution.

Secure Item Transportation

Surgical implements and other items often need sterile and safe transport between factories and hospital wards. Sitecraft’s stainless steel trolley with drawers features innovative shelf rails that make it easy to stabilise the trolley. The 75mm castors on our smaller instrument trolley models also help with navigation through crowded areas.
When in transit, there’s sometimes a risk of spilling or damaging the contents of a trolley. Fortunately, Sitecraft provides secure stainless steel trolley solutions, with options ranging from two small drawers to four deep, wide drawers, with additional bottom shelves. These help to keep important items safely tucked away.

Food and Linen

Employees of hospitals, hotels and rest homes often need to move large quantities of food or linen around at once. Sitecraft’s hospital trolleys make these tasks simple, with options that are custom-designed for certain tasks. For instance, our tray trolley carries up to 20 food trays at once, and can also be used to move samples or hospital equipment.
In addition to our tray trolley and hospital trolleys, we also offer a supply trolley for sale, featuring zinc plated castors, the capacity for larger trays, and guard rails, making it ideal for linen transport. For similar jobs that require smaller volumes to be transported, our two and three tier multipurpose trolleys have convenient shelves for storage.

Bulk Transport

In many workplaces, fast transport is important for larger items or heavy-duty food equipment. Our bulk collection trolley is perfect for this task. Featuring a removable bottom tray and 125mm castors for easy mobility in small spaces, this drawer trolley allows for efficient transportation of bulky items as large as 1000mm by 600mm. A low-loading trolley is available for even larger loads, featuring a heavy-duty stainless steel construction and revolving buffers. You can also be assured that all of Sitecraft’s stainless steel trolleys are easy to sterilise, making them suitable for any task where cleanliness is a top priority.

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