Buy Safety Steps and Stools

Sitecraft Australia offers a large range of safety step ladders for sale. We are a leading Australian supplier of Access Equipment, including many varieties of safety steps and stools. All of which you can buy online  from our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane distribution center’s. In fact, our  Aluminium Safety Steps have proven to be an ideal access solution for a wide variety of commercial environments. This step ladder offers a substantial load carrying capacity of 150kgs and height of 360mm. All these features make the Aluminium Step-up a must have equipment for shops, warehouses and stores.

Its non-slip rubber feet provide you safety in all sorts of working environments. The stepping base of the step-up has been designed to give the user enough traction and comfort in demanding working conditions. The all aluminium construction gives the step-up durability and long life.

Non-Slip Step Ladders for sale

The Quick Step, Step Ladder from Sitecraft is a wide base platform that comes with anti-slip steps. Available in standard safety orange colour, this is an ideal access equipment for shops, book stores and grocery stores etc. There are also an optional rubber stops available to use in wet environments.

Made up of quality plastic, the Quick Step is sturdy and long lasting step ladder. The base of the step is 500x500mm and the top is 400x400mm. This design of this high quality step ladder gives it stability in all sorts of working environments. We offer this multipurpose access equipment in two heights; 360mm and 370mm. It is available with free delivery throughout Australia.

We offer the light weight and sturdy Sure Steps to meet all your access requirements in commercial environments. These steps come with an extra wide base of 500mm that gives them stability in highly demanding work environments. The stepping board is made of anti-slip material to provide safety to users.

Fitted with spring castors, the Sure Step is highly mobile on all kinds of surfaces. It’s an incredibly sturdy step ladder too. In fact, it can easily handle weight up to 225kgs and offers an operating height of 360mm. The step is available in orange and yellow colours and is delivered free of cost in Australia.

Buy Stools Online from Sitecraft Australia

The Kik Stool has been designed to cater to your access requirements with style. These stools come in metal construction and are available in beige, black, red, silver tone or yellow colours. These features add to their sturdiness and looks. However, the good design and looks of these stools do not come at the cost of usability. These stools are fitted with wheels that retract when not in use, a feature that gives them mobility on all kinds of surfaces.

These stools are available in 225kg UDL capacity and offer a height of 350mm. We offer these stools with free delivery throughout Australia. So, whether you are looking to buy a step ladder or purchase a step stool, contact Sitecraft Australia. Simply call 1300 363 152. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase our range of safety steps and step ladders online.