Pallet Turntables

When you’re in the business of handling heavy materials, it’s crucial that safety measures are in place to ensure incidents of workplace accident and injury do not occur. This includes processes as well as the use of products to get the job done efficiently, effectively and safely.

When it comes to loading pallets up with stock, the pallet turntable is one of the most effective pieces of equipment a business can have. Sitecraft is proud to stock the highly durable Paldisc pallet turntable for warehouses and storerooms across Australia.

Discover the Paldisc Pallet Turntable

The Paldisc is a 22mm high disc that is placed on the floor to improve the ease of loading a pallet. This innovative pallet turntable enables items to be easily rotated and positioned, making it well-suited for workplaces where there may be limited room to manoeuvre. The Paldiscpallet turntable can rotate loads of up to 2000Kg, providing a perfect solution for environments such as factories and other heavy industries.

The compact size of the Paldisc pallet turntables makes it a particularly useful material handling device for use in tight spaces. This makes it suitable for hygienic areas, mezzanine floors, and areas where a forklift cannot be used. For durability, the pallet turntable is constructed from quality materials, complete with a powder coat finish.

In addition to our popular Pallet Turntables and pallet turntable devices, Sitecraft delivers products across Australia from one of our four warehouses located across the country. In fact, we have warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

If you would like to learn more about our pallet turntable rotators, contact Sitecraft today. Simply call us on 1300 363 152, or fill out our contact form online.