High Lift Pallet Truck & Skid Lifters

Warehouse employees spend long periods transporting pallets, boxes and crates. Mobile lifting equipment including the popular low profile and high lift pallet truck and skid lifters are easy to use and help reduce the risk of injury to these workers. Sitecraft has a wide range of pallet handling solutions, including a large range of quality pallet trucks to manage workplace hazards, in the workplace. These are useful to lifts loads to an ergonomically correct height for loading and unloading of goods.

High Lift Pallet Trucks

In many workplaces, employees must move heavy objects in an efficient manner. Our high lift pallet trucks are available in both manual and battery operation with a load capacity of 1000kg. These are designed for use with skids or pallets without bottom rails. The maximum lift height is 800mm.

Separate controls for lifting and tilting make it simple for employees to operate the equipment, providing simple, safe and effective relocation of goods.

Skid Lifter

Employees need equipment that can handle different materials, as warehouses contain a wide range of stock. The skid lifter is designed to capably move skids, platforms, stillages, crates and pallets. This versatility makes the skid lifter device a piece of equipment that’s ideal for many workplaces as can be used to both lift and transport goods.

Skid Tilter

The skid tilter is ideal for unloading and loading crates and stillage’s. These are widely used in manufacturing and assembly line applications The manual and battery-powered models of the skid tilter both have 800mm long forks, which reach a width of 560mm. Separate controls for lifting and tilting pallets make it simple for employees to operate the equipment, providing simple, safe and effective relocation of goods.

Mobile Skid Tilter

Moving pallets and crates around small spaces can be difficult because of their size and shape. The skid tilter has manoeuvrable wheels so workers can efficiently transport these large items through the workplace.

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