Recycling and Waste Management

Sitecraft is a market leading supplier of materials handling equipment. We sell a large range of recycling and waste management solutions, throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia-wide. We also have available for sale a large range of wheelie bin lifters and wheelie bin tippers.

Bin Lifters & Tippers

Our popular Wheelie Bin Lifters and Bin Tippers provide recycling and waste solutions that increase productivity and assist in providing a safer workplace. Through our recycling and waste management products, we are committed to providing you industry leading solutions for all your refuse and maintenance requirements. Our extensive range of bin tippers, forklift mounted tippers, certified crane lifting bins, crane waste bins are supplied to a wide range of industry sectors, including: construction, manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail and general warehouse and store use.

The Sitecraft bin lifters allow the operator to simply wheel the bin into the tipping cradle and then take the machine through its tipping cycle at the push of a button. Sitecraft’s range of wheelie bin tippers can also be supplied with a number of power options, including single/3 phase and battery powered.

A Wide Range For You To Choose From 

We offer a variety of wheelie bin lifters  and wheelie bin tippers that are compatible with 80, 120, 140, and 240 litre wheelie bins. The wheelie bin lifter range is easy to use and can be customised with various attachments and configurations. This includes stainless steel construction for use in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. And they can be designed and manufactured to meet stringent Cat 3 safety requirements. These versatile bin tippers are widely used for many applications including emptying of waste bins and the tipping of industrial products and food ingredients.

For further information or an on-site demonstration please call our experienced sales team on 1300 363 152. With offices and distribution facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we provide an Australia wide service to our customers.

Sitecraft Bin Tipping Machines

Sitecraft bin tipping machines offer the ideal solution to a wide range of material handling problems. Let’s take a closer look at these machines and some of the features that make them stand out in the waste management industry.

The operating speed of the machine is fast yet safe. A full tipping cycle can take less than 30 seconds. The lifting force comes from an electro-hydraulic power pack, which can be single or three phase power or battery powered.

Sitecraft wheelie bin tippers safety features include full guarding with an electrical interlock on the machine door. For operator safety the machine cannot be used unless the door is closed. Two handed, push button operation also ensures operator safety.

Standard wheelie bin tippers can empty wheelie bins from 80 litres to 240 litres without any adjustment. There are also models which can empty 360, 660 and 1100 litre bins. And a heavier duty version which can empty bins, weighing up to 750 kilograms.

Wheelie Bin Lifters and Bin Tippers

There are 4 standard tipping heights, ranging from 700mm to 1800mm. Custom manufactured cradles can be supplied to empty a range of bins and containers, including 205 litre drums. These innovative and versatile tipping machines can also be used in a wide range of  commercial environments including food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. In hygiene critical and clean room situations they are available in full stainless steel construction.

Speak to us about garbage bin lifters and tippers 

For a complete Wheelie Bin Lifter or Wheelie Bin Tipper solution, contact Sitecraft today. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, one of our experienced waste management consultants will be happy to recommend the equipment that’s right for you.

We can also help with wheelie bin lifters and wheelie bin trailers.