Rubber Speed Humps & Wheel Stops

The Traffic Calming Rubber Speed Hump from Sitecraft has been designed for situations where speed of the traffic has to be controlled without the speed bump. Its smoother approach and departure angles allow a wide variety of heavy vehicles to pass over it. The hump is made up of solid rubber modules that are 50mm in height. These modules can be configured to any length.

The middle section of the hump is fitted with high visibility non-slip panels which make it ideal for use in factory environments. Safety yellow anti-slip insert panels increase visibility and improve pedestrian safety.

SMR Speed Control System

The SMR Speed Control System is made up of high quality natural rubber. It consists of black and yellow modules which are 500mm long. When laid in an alternating pattern they meet the Australian Standards for colour, height, shape and ramp angle. Each of these modules is supplied complete with 4 fixings.

The system is highly shock absorbent and complies with AS2890.1: 2004 standard. It comes with a built-in bridge that can accommodate cables or hoses of up to 2x25mm. This speed control system is ideally suited for car parks, schools, shopping centres, factory complexes and other areas where speed of vehicles has to be controlled.

The Slow-Motion Compliance is a modular speed control system consisting of independent modules. These modules are 250mm long and come with rounded end caps. These are manufactured from a high tech Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LL-DPE) with solid colour. It will not fade, rot, rust or crack and has built in prismatic reflectors for enhanced night visibility.

It is suitable for nearly any application where you need to control the speed of vehicles. The compliance comes with a built in cable channel to protect any underlying cables. It is manufactured in Australia and complies with the AS2890.1:2004 standard.

Our Slow-Motion Steel Speed Humps have been specially designed to enhance the safety of car parks, shopping centres and factory complexes. These humps are available in two models, the standard and the heavy duty steel speed humps. The heavy duty model can easily withstand the weight of heavy vehicles.

Made up of super steel modules, these humps conform with AS 2890.1:2004 standard. The ends of each speed hump are finished off with a pair of end caps. These rounded end caps are moulded from an extremely durable rubber. We supply these humps as truly independent modules for easy installation and removal. All the humps come with a five year structural guarantee.

The Wheel Stops from Sitecraft are ideally suited for parking areas as they protect the cars from overshooting bays. These are also suitable for use in factories and warehouses to prevent trolleys and forklifts from hitting the wall. Made up or solid rubber or recycled plastic, these stops are corrosion free and chip free.

These stops are available in either grey or yellow and are supplied in 1.65m lengths. They are designed to catch the front wheels while still allowing free pedestrian access between parking bays. The low height of 95mm ensures that vehicles with low clearance will not be damaged.

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