Electric Tow Tugs

We have a large range of  electric powered tow tugstow tractors and powered wheelie bin movers for sale. The Sitecraft range of pedestrian powered and electric powered tow vehicles includes the European designed and manufactured Movexx range of towing tugs. These battery electric powered tow tugs come in a wide variety of configurations to suit your material handling needs. All these variants can be customised to take care of your individual requirements.

We have electric pedestrian tow tugs and waste bin movers to suit a wide range of industries including airports, food processing, wheelie bin handling, hospitals, residential apartments, warehouse and retail. These versatile battery powered tuggers can push and manoeuvre loads up to 50 tonnes. Electric wheelie bin movers are widely used to provide safe and effortless movement of  heavy waste bins. Stainless steel versions are available for clean room applications and food and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

Our industrial pedestrian tow tugs and tow vehicle range offers material towing capabilities up to 20,000 kg. We also supply a range of powered wheelie bin movers and electric bin tuggers. The rubbish bin transporter is available in both ride on and sit down configurations. Sitecraft offers on site consultation and product demonstration. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane we are well equipped to provide solutions Australia wide for your manual handling requirements.

Pushing and Pulling Loads Efficiently and SafelyThe decision by more employers to invest in labour-saving equipment to push and pull heavy loads has been one of the biggest contributions to reducing injuries in Australian workplaces over recent years.

Using muscle power for these tasks puts workers at risk of every day from serious strains to backs and upper body and abdominal tears. Sometimes all it takes is a single heavy application of physical force to cause a serious injury. Sitecraft’s electric tow tugs, tow tractors and battery powered vehicles contribute to preventing workplace injuries.

Investment in efficient materials handling equipment, such as pedestrian powered towing tugs, electric powered trolleys, battery/electric pallet trucks and electric vehicles ensure workers have access to equipment specifically designed to help eliminate manual handling risks.

Australia’s health and safety regulators have been urging employers over the past 25 years to transform their materials handling procedures to reduce injury. The range of equipment is so wide now there is no reason to put workers at risk from excessive physical effort when shifting loads.

Figures from WorkSafe Victoria show that since the beginning of this century, the number of body-stressing injuries at workplaces, such as pushing and pulling loads, have dropped by almost 40 per cent.

That dramatic improvement in safety has cut at least $210 million from the state’s workers compensation bill. That means more than 4000 Victorian workers have been protected from injury in that same period.

These kinds of injuries need to be avoided if a business is to be competitive. They are difficult and costly to treat, involve a long time to heal, consumer resources on injury and return to work management and can add to business costs by increasing workers compensation premiums. Manual handling injuries, of which pushing and pulling is a major cause, are by far biggest the problem for OHS regulators, comprising almost half of all workplace injuries each year. Their experience is that there are still too many employers who needlessly put their work at risk when moving heavy objects. These employers also increase the chance they will be caught by the regulator and fined heavily in the courts for operating an unsafe workplace.

One of the most practical and accessible solutions to reducing injuries from pushing and pulling is to use an electric / powered tow tug vehicle. This is because most body stressing injuries are caused by the first effort to get the load moving. A common problem is the need to move multiple wheelie bins up steep ramps from underground car parks in residential apartments. The Sitecraft electric wheelie bin mover enables the operator to move multiple MGB 120 and MGB 240 bins safely and efficiently. The wheelie bin transporter is available in a variety on configurations.

This is explained in WorkSafe Victoria’s current Manual Handing Compliance Code 2015 which advises on best practice and explains what safety inspectors expect to see when they visit workplaces to enforce safety laws. The code recommends that the effort required to start a load in motion be reduced by “using motorised push/pull equipment such as tugs”.

The national Code of Practice on Hazardous Manual Tasks 2016, adopted by other OHS regulators such as NSW, gives the same advice. This code also refers to tugs as an example of “mechanical aids” that may be used to “eliminate or reduce the need for workers to lift, carry or support items”.

The comprehensive range of Movexx pedestrian tow tugs available means that there is a model to suit most tasks in various workplaces. Today’s towing tugs have compact design, low maintenance electric motors, long battery life and fast recharging. They are equipped with user-friendly “Smart” controls to assist the operator and log the work to assist workplaces in monitoring activity.

Motorised pedestrian towing tugs can be used by any worker to tow or push loaded trolleys or rolling loads with minimal physical effort. They are robust enough for both indoor and outdoor use. Compact brush-less motors are able to cope with high ambient temperatures, limited ventilation and dusty or damp environments. They have sufficient traction to move loads over surfaces where physical pulling or pushing could cause workers to slip, trip or and fall, another major cause of injury at work.

Using Movexx tow tugs to move loads assists meeting the general requirement in workplace safety laws for businesses to have a “safe system of work” in place to prevent any risk to their workers. This solution also complies with specific safety laws relating to manual handling risk. These more detailed provisions state that those who operate a business must identify any task that involves “hazardous manual handling”. Pushing and pulling heavy loads meets the definition of hazardous and is likely to be a risk. Employers must then put a control measure in place that is feasible for that workplace. Tow tractors with specially configured trailers are especially suited to the safe and efficient handling and movement of multiple waste bins.

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