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Welcome to Sitecraft’s warehouse trolley product category. Most warehouse operations require significant movement of stock on a daily basis. Forklifts and pallet trucks are used for the transport of palletised goods and produce. However, most order picking and dispatch areas use manual labour to pick, pack and process orders. With the amount of stock that often gets moved in and out of warehouses on a regular basis, the need for safe handling measures is paramount. Warehouse trolleys and platform trucks allow workers to safely and efficiently move goods around the warehouse or from storerooms to retail areas. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Sitecraft makes buying warehouse trolleys quick and easy.Available in a wide range of configurations and sizes, you’re sure to find the ideal warehouse trolley to make easy work of the materials handling tasks in your workplace. Heavy-duty, all welded and made to last, our  trolley range is designed to move anything from basic supermarket stock through to chemicals and pharmaceuticals. For corrosive or clean room environments Stainless Steel Trolleys are available.  Not only do they take away much of the heavy lifting, our warehouse trolleys have the ability to improve your operation’s efficiency. And this can mean more revenue and happier customers.

How Warehouse Trolleys can help reduce manual handling injuries

Almost half of all injuries at work are caused by hazardous manual handling. The stress on a worker’s body from repetitive tasks, applying force to move objects or using heavy tools can lead to serious and sometimes permanent musculoskeletal damage. Warehouse trolleys can assist in reducing the stress on a workers bodey when handling heavy or bulky items.
Managing risk from manual work usually requires an employer to rely on a risk assessment to determine the level of risk and devise suitable control measures to minimize risk. Performing that task can be complex and involve ergonomic expertise that many workplaces lack.
The shift to a control-based system is now preferred. This simpler system still requires the risk to be identified and an appropriate control measure put in place.
One of the latest control-based processes is the PErforM program (Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks), a simplified participative approach to ergonomics that recognizes the worker is the “expert” in performing their tasks. “Perform” provides a framework for assisting workers to identify and control risks within their workplace. They are supported by facilitators who help them do this.
The Perform program was developed by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) and Curtin University of Technology. It has been piloted in a variety of Queensland-based industries since 2009.
Research has demonstrated that Perform can have a positive effect on decreasing manual task risks. WHSQ reported that workplaces adopting Perform had a significant reduction in manual task injury risks.
The pilot workplaces describe Perform as a simplified risk management program that relies on consultation. It not only helps address the risk of specific hazardous manual tasks but may also have a positive effect on safety culture and communication in an organization.

Participative Ergonomics for Manual Handling

The Perform system is a structured process that begins with the development of assessment plan suited to the workplace and which maps out how the process will work, step by step. This cannot proceed without a formal commitment from workplace management.
Crucial to the plan is the training of expert workplace facilitators to direct and oversee the plan and establish work teams in the areas where manual tasks are done. The teams are trained in how to identify hazardous tasks and select controls by applying a set of user-friendly ergonomic assessment tools. These tools allow team members to pool their expertise, experience and knowledge, and then draw on it to determine how hazardous tasks could be done at least as well and with minimal risk.
The fully-worked recommended control measures are presented to management with a compelling implementation plan that removes any barriers eg cost, against adopting the solution.
Those organizations involved in the pilot program recently established a facilitator network across industries to share information about the risk control solutions they had successfully implemented. This builds on state of knowledge within the OHS community.
More information on the pilot can be found at the Safe Work Australia website.
The Perform system manual can be downloaded here.

Risk assessment:

A formal risk assessment is no longer necessary for managing manual handling risks. There is ample knowledge and understanding about the risk of many common tasks and what solutions are available where risk exists. Regulators publish free technical information on how to identify, assess and select risk control solutions if there is any doubt about the risk posed by a particular task. The national model OHS laws in place in most Australian jurisdictions state that a business must manage risks from a person doing a hazardous manual handling task by taking account of certain ergonomic and workplace environment factors such as movement and application of force, the capacity of the person doing the task and where the task is being conducted. Hazardous manual handling tasks include workers having to regularly carry and handle awkward or bulky items. This risk can be reduced by manual handling aids such as Stock picker Trucks, Order Picking Trolleys, Office Trolleys Pallet Jacks.

Custom Warehouse Trolley

Please remember, with three warehouses across Australia, Sitecraft is able to service our valuable customers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.If you’d like to find out more about our extensive range of trolleys and manual handling equipment, give our friendly sales team a call on 1300 363 152. Sitecraft also has an in-house engineering team that enables us to custom engineer a trolley solution. Customized trolleys are designed and manufactured by our  specialist manufacturing team. Sitecraft’s manufacturing capabilities give us the flexibility to provide our customers with a quality custom trolley solution,whether it be a one of or large scale production run. We’ll be happy to assist you with making the best choice for your warehouse.