Drum Handling Equipment

Sitecraft’s extensive range of drum handling equipment and carriers contains a variety of customised solutions to fulfil almost any requirement. We can supply drum trucks, dollys, trolleys, lifters, rotators, clamps and crane attachments that can handle a wide variety of drums.

Drum Dolly & Drum Lifter

Our drum dolly is made of steel and features a durable galvanised finish. The castors have a load capacity of 300kg and can also be replaced easily. If you require a solution that’s more versatile, our multi-lift drum lifter is a fantastic choice. Featuring a heavy duty load brake winch, this lifter makes it easy to lift both steel and plastic drums, providing you with convenience while adding to the safety of your workplace. This equipment can also perform a large variety of lifting and rotating operations – all you need to do is exchange attachments.

Drum Lifter Rotator

To cater to the needs of mining and manufacturing industries, Sitecraft offers heavy duty drum lifter rotators. These include durable crane rotators which come with a galvanised finish and can rotate 360 degrees. With a load capacity of 1000kg, this option is ideal for a range of heavy industries.

Forklift Drum Clamps

Our forklift drum clamps are specially designed for rough daily use, providing you with a durable solution. To ensure maximum strength, every clamp is steel-forged, tempered, heated, and quenched, resulting in high durability. We offer these clamps with complete instruction manuals and test certificates, ensuring safe and easy operation.

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Whether you’re looking for drum lifters and tippers, pallet loading drum trucks, drum trolleys or drum carriers, Sitecraft is the best destination for drum handling equipment. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our range of materials handling equipment.

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